Harmonious Loving Relationship Spoken Affirmations (developing relationships)

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Published on January 2, 2018

Click here to download my FREE meditation: https://www.meditationmasterysecrets.com/free-meditation Join my 30 Day Meditation Bootcamp online Udemy Course: http://vid.io/xviU Get My FREE Meditation MP3 Here ► http://www.relaxmeonline.com/free Use these affirmations to develop a strong and healthy, loving relationship. Some of the affirmations that are used in this recording. (Thanks to freeaffirmations.org for the great affirmations) I am in love with my partner I respect my partner deeply I am able to be my true self around my partner I communicate my wants and needs clearly I always take into consideration the perspective of my partner I am constantly striving to grow the love between my partner and myself I am able to draw boundaries when needed I go out of my way to support my partner I am tuned in to the wants and needs of my partner I am able to take space for myself when needed I deserve to have a healthy relationship I can respectfully communicate my feelings Having a healthy relationship is extremely important to me I do everything possible to nurture the love I have for my partner My partner respects and cherishes me Honest communication is one of my natural strengths Having a healthy and loving relationship is just a normal part of my life Drawing boundaries and fostering respect is important Listening to my partners feelings is very important to me Building a healthy relationship is worthy of any and all effort I am positive and loving I support my partner unconditionally I am deeply in love I always communicate honestly, openly, and with respect I am in a lasting relationship I am focused on growing a healthy relationship I always take my partner’s point of view into consideration I am kind and considerate I am able to draw boundaries I always honor my relationship I deserve to have a lasting relationship My relationship is a top priority in my life I enjoy going out of my way to make my partner happy It is important that I feel loved and secure There is a natural connection between my partner and I I can build the lasting relationship of my dreams Nurturing a healthy relationship comes naturally to me My partner effortlessly senses my love Taking care of my relationship is of utmost importance There is a natural trust within my relationship Please use these affirmations twice daily for 30-60 day for positive, lasting change. 1. Listen to me speak the affirmation 2. Speak the affirmation with me 3. Speak the affirmation on your own. (Remember, the more you FEEL whilst speaking the affirmation, the more success you will have) Licensor’s Author Username: FutureHeavenMusic Licensee: Jason Stephenson For the item: Taking the Opportunity http://audiojungle.net/item/taking-the-opportunity/10338567 Item ID: 10338567

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