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Published on January 2, 2018 ◄◄◄- Free Relationship Advice Videos For Couples In this video, you’ll discover the 5 Relationship Stages that committed relationships go through and why they get stuck. Knowing the 5 stages of relationship are critical to fixing your relationship or marriage when it gets into trouble. Why do some relationships break up and others last a lifetime? One reason is that relationships go through 5 predictable relationship stages, each building on the last. By understanding the 5 stages of relationship, you can be better prepared to navigate through each stage successfully and not get “stuck” in any of them. Here are the 5 stages of relationship (as identified by Dr. Susan Campbell during a study of hundreds of couples): 04:19 – 1. The Romance Stage 06:16 – 2. The Power Struggle Stage 11:05 – 3. The Stability Stage 11:54 – 4. The Commitment Stage 12:58 – 5. The Co-Creation or Bliss Stage You’ll learn why you’ve attracted your partner and an alternative to breaking up or surviving a marriage or relationship that has lost its passion. Learn more about the 5 relationship stages here: For more relationship advice for couples, head on over to and grab your free “Fix Your Relationship” training videos. You can also watch Bruce’s TEDx talk here: Relationship Advice: The 5 Stages Of Relationships

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