Toxic Relationship Test – 10 Toxic Love Signs

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Published on January 2, 2018

Toxic relationships hurt like hell. Do you have a toxic lover? Take the toxic relationships test. Count the signs that are true for your relationship. Take the Emotional Abuse Test: This test is to help you identify if you are in an emotionally abusive relationship – a toxic relationship. Sign # 1 ­ Changeable Your boyfriend changes like the weather. You never know when he’s going to be loving and attentive, like he was at first, or mean and distant. Sign #2 ­ Game Playing See what happens if you miss one of his calls by accident… he becomes a major ignoring game-player. Sign # 3 ­ Controlling Do exactly as he wishes at all times or else he’ll start acting weird on you. Sign # 4 ­ Passive Emotional Manipulation He gives you the silent treatment for no reason. Sign # 5 ­ Walking on Eggshells You have to keep secrets from him because he gets angry even about little things. Sign # 6 ­ Everyone and Everything Else Comes First. Taking out the garbage is more important than giving you any attention ­ even on your birthday. Sign # 7 ­ No Emotion He doesn’t allow you to express your emotions or to talk about how you feel. It’s always about him, his feelings, and what you’ve done wrong. Sign # 8 ­ Distant Lover ‘Push you pull you’ is his favourite game. He pulls your close only to push you away. Urgh! Sign # 9 ­ Dismissive He doesn’t listen to you at all. Or when he does pay attention he laughs saying you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sign # 10 ­ Confidence Knocker He’s talking about his amazing ex girfriends ­ again. If they’re weren’t models, they were famous. Having a toxic boyfriend is no joke. How many signs did your boyfriend get? To get your boyfriend’s Toxic Score CLICK BELOW: 0-3 Toxic Relationship Signs: 4-6 Toxic Relationship Signs: 7-9 Toxic Relationship Signs: You might also be interested in: Emotional Manipulation Test: Toxic Soul Mates Test: Codependency Test:

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