What I Didn’t Tell You About 2017 | My Relationships and my Life | Stef Sanjati

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Published on January 2, 2018

Hi #breadsquad! I wanted to reflect on this past year – it’s been the most intense year of my life to date, that’s for sure. Below find the links to any YouTubers or sites I mention: https://tinyurl.com/MilesJaiChannel https://tinyurl.com/SoundlyAwakeChannel https://tinyurl.com/ChaseRossChannel https://tinyurl.com/AshHardellChannel http://www.riddleroom.ca/ I broadcast on YouNow! : https://www.younow.com/StefSanjati For business inquiries, email : ssanjatimanagement@gmail.com Find me elsewhere on the webs! http://steamcommunity.com/id/stefsanjati/ https://www.facebook.com/stefsanjati http://instagram.com/stef.sanjati (@stef.sanjati) http://stefsanjati.tumblr.com https://twitter.com/stefsanjati (@stefsanjati) Snapchat: ssanjati P.O. Box: Stef Sanjati P.O Box 47090 10 Dundas St E Toronto, ON M5B0A1 Hi there! My name is Stef Sanjati and I’m a YouTuber, transgender activist, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. I live my entire life online through videos documenting my transition and spontaneous live streams and strive to educate, enlighten, and brighten lives every day. Breadmom of the #Breadsquad! For business enquiries, email ssanjatimanagement@gmail.com.

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